Few days old baby

Question: Hiii Momz plz help I m seriously mentally getting disrturbed..he keeps on avoiding bf while he is awake soo I took my baby to Dr..dey said he is fine Throat clear ..stomach also good & gave zincovit.. but still he is refusing bf while. Awake plz ..i need a sloution. I tired my level best. If i force him he starst cring plz help Even Dr can't understand his condition I m totally disturbed..plz i beg u ppl..u can understand My pain.begin a Mom plzzzz

2 Answers
Answer: Same issue I m also facing and my baby is also now 5 month but she is refusing my bf and only taking it while she is in sleep I'm giving her spoonfeeding of my milk what else I can do she does urinate normally rest everything is normal I think this the time when babies only wants to play and grab things.....
Answer: Please con lt your doctor or this