7 months old baby

Question: Helo mom's my son is of 7 months he rolled over at the starting of 6th month for 5-6times on bed.so I laid him on mat he is not rolling over after that upto now.iam giving tummy time .iam encouraging him a lot to roll over again.he is rolling 80percent but he is not removing his hand if he remove it he rolls over.i had shown him many times how to manage his hands but no use.iam so worried 😢 is it normal? What should I do?

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Question: My 4+ months old boy is eating his hands a lot. He is gaining habit of putting everything inside his mouth. Even he wakes up in sleep to eat his hand. What can I do? I'm afraid this habit may continue with his growing age.
Answer: No dear it,s ok in this age it will b not become his habbit don,t worry once he will be grown keep him engaged
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Question: Hai..My baby boy rolled over on his own when he is 3 month 23 days and tired to roll again twice a time ...bt later he never tires to do that .. it's been 6 days since he rolled over ..why he is not trying again? Is this common? He is much interested in putting his toes in mouth.
Answer: Its ok.. give baby sometime.. it will happen automatically..
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Question: My baby boy is 41 days old n he is on both bm & fm that's why he pee more .I was used dispossible diapers for him but recently we switch to cloth diapers with insert. Actually it works well but I find out it is heavy b/w his legs compare to diapers so his legs are apart n somewhat compress on his inner part .It is ok or should we stop using it?
Answer: Pee is normal more then 10 or 15 so stop cotton diapers
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