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Question: Helo mama! My 1 year old son has a lot of problem in doing potty. He sometimes starts to cry. His potty is very tight. What can I give him to relief from this?

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Answer: Try adding a few high-fiber foods such as pears, skin-less apples.Keep in mind that fruits and vegetables have a lot of natural fiber, that stimulates bowel movement. If your child isn’t walking yet, leg bicycles will be helpful.Proper hydration is essential for regular bowel movement. Hope this help you.
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    Ruchi Dhiman34 days ago

    give powdered jaggery by adding in milk

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    Balaji Iyer34 days ago

    Apply castrol oil in his belly and give him a lot of oil massage before bath. You can even him some buttermilk and coconut water best is coconut water for everything

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    DEEPA DEVADIGA33 days ago

    Always add ghee to your baby food dat will smoothen the potty

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    Hafsa Fatima28 days ago

    Best give ripe papaya 2 times and see what happens thank me later

Answer: Give warm water before bed and morning...then..soak the dry grapes overnight in water..then squeeze that grapes and filter..then give this water to baby.. then give one banana daily...if possible means apply castor oil on the banana and give it to eat..it gives good results...
Answer: Hlo dr, if your baby is crying while going to potty means your baby needs to drink milk and water properly often often.. Baby should intake water 1ltr daily from 1yr so that make sure your baby drinks milk and water properly..thank you
Answer: Hello , my baby is 1 year old . He usually has a problem to eat anything . Whenever he sees the bowl of food/milk/juice, he starts vomiting . Amongst the 20 spoons 2 spoons he vomits . Can anyone hell me out with this .
Answer: Hello give him fruit juices everyday. Black raisins(with seed) will help your child to relive from this tight potty. Soak the raisins in hot water then boil it for a while and strain the water n give him. Will surely work
Answer: Give him mashed papaya and boiled vegetables like bottle gourd mashed potatoes fiber rich foods .. Yes of course u can also give him apple pure it's very good same problem with my child n I used to give him..
Answer: Hi, please don't give him apple or apple juice, give him curd, green lefy vegetables in his everyday food, tender coconut water n add ghee in his food. Give water every hour even if he drinks little.
Answer: Hello Dear, Give your baby liquid food ,add papya to diet . Give massage on stomch and vey important make your baby sit on warm water in tub it will definitely give relief..All the best.
Answer: Hey massage well on your baby's stomach, let him stay a little bit active by playing with him. Keep in mind that he should drink more water and give him apple juice as well.
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    Ramya Chethu40 days ago

    Give black raisin water(overnight soaked)

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    Monika Gupta40 days ago

    Give water with honey

Answer: Give water More. as u can give.. Do to lack of water baby do hard potty . Of baby refuse to drink water add little sugar in water . Babies love drinking sweet water
Answer: Hello Dear, It's very simple remedy if potty is tight then give plenty of water to the baby and check his potty the next day you will see the change
Answer: Concentrate on giving maximum level water as much as possible to drink... Then regularize the habit of sitting on potty tub at morning and evening
Answer: Soak dry grapes in small amount of water night. Crush it completely without seeds And give it in morning. It helps to pass stool freely.
Answer: Give him gripe water.....it's available in almost all the shos..it works instantly ..
Answer: Boil dry grapes with water and then give that warm water..Don't give biscuits.
Answer: Try to give him high fibers food, Dal's,nd peeled apple n betroot juice.
Answer: Give him a lot of water.. And add semi liquid food in his daily diet
Answer: Just apply aloe vera Jel on his stomach before he goes to bed
Answer: U can give a bowl of dal (moong ) .. it will help
Answer: Give me prune juice .he is constipated.
Answer: Give him ghutti it helps alot
Answer: Give sufficient water to him
Answer: Give water more and banana
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    reshma kanhere34 days ago

    You can simply put ghee in his diet like or give warm milk and add 1 spoon ghee in it.. it will help

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