3 years old baby

Question: helo evry1..Please suggest me what all can be given to a 7 month old child?

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Answer: Hello!!! you can give him various types of fruits and vegetable puree. You can give him bananas, apples, pears, peaches, avocados(butter fruit), peanuts, sweet potato, peas, kaddu(pumpkin), papaya, pulse-rice. You can change it by changing things or mixing it out so that the baby gets interested in eating it.
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    Praveena Mani40 days ago

    Can we give papaya my mom is not allowing to give papaya to my 8mons old baby

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    Mrudula Bm38 days ago

    Yes we can give.. It's absolutely a good food.. Give it as puree. It's very healthy

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    ishika raj25 days ago

    Winter m pumpkin papaya pear de skte h

Answer: You can give rice powder, apple, banana, boiled carrot, potatoes, dal
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