3 years old baby

Question: helo evry1..Please suggest me what all can be given to a 7 month old child?

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Answer: Hello!!! you can give him various types of fruits and vegetable puree. You can give him bananas, apples, pears, peaches, avocados(butter fruit), peanuts, sweet potato, peas, kaddu(pumpkin), papaya, pulse-rice. You can change it by changing things or mixing it out so that the baby gets interested in eating it.
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    Praveena Mani126 days ago

    Can we give papaya my mom is not allowing to give papaya to my 8mons old baby

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    Mrudula Bm124 days ago

    Yes we can give.. It's absolutely a good food.. Give it as puree. It's very healthy

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    ishika raj112 days ago

    Winter m pumpkin papaya pear de skte h

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    Pooja Goswami61 days ago

    In what quantity should it be given??

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    Kavitha GKS40 days ago

    ragi, brown or white rice, carrots 🥕, banana 🍌, 🍎 apples,

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    Kavitha GKS40 days ago


Answer: You can start giving dalia, oats and egg yolk to your 7month baby. But try to give more fruits and vegetables, so that the baby doesn't suffer from constipation problem.
Answer: Banana in breakfast, rava upma in lunch , ND curd rice , or khichdi in dinner
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    Safrina Riswan42 days ago

    Curd is not safe for 7th month baby. Wait till baby pass one year old

Answer: You can give rice powder, apple, banana, boiled carrot, potatoes, dal
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    Fias Thasmiya47 days ago

    Yes, give fruits n vegetables.if u give boil vegetables little bit put a Salt to taste..

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    Srujana Kurapati47 days ago

    Am giving apple pure and carrot pure to my 7 months old baby.. She is passing the same in motion.. Is thr any prbm

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