4 months old baby

Question: Hello....my baby is 3 month and 3 month old...what shall I give him because my milk is not sufficient for him...and he is crying

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Answer: Till completion of 5 months baby should drink only milk so you can introduce formula milk if you are so is not sufficient for your baby. It's very important otherwise we will get dehydrated. Don't give any semi solid food or animal milk so early.
Answer: Then use formula milk my dear
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Question: Hi all my baby is seven month old what food I can give him plz suggest He is still not crowlling and seating
Answer: Hi dear give three times breast milk or formula milk nd three timrs solids per daly so dear when ur baby gets up give breast feed or formuka milk after two hours give fruits purees as after in lunch give mong dal soup .rice water .sooji wit milk .sooji sheera , aata sheera,Ragi porridge , cerelac ,mashed rice ,curd sweet potato puree or halwa ,nd after that in evening give bf .in eight pm give sooji kheer ,Makhana kheer ,rice kheer ,sevai kheer ,Apple sooji kheer. Till morning give only bf or formula milk nd massage to ur babies legs nd back wit dabur red oil its makes muscles nd bones strong nd baby starts crawlling soon .take care
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Question: Hlo doc my baby is suffering for losemotion what I give him and which medicine I give him
Answer: Dear We should not give any kind of medicine because there are so many of medicine every medicine is not meant for every kid you can try for some home remedies like you should give your baby coconut water lemon water Dahi lassi Apple give some soups too
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Question: My baby is 11 month old he refuse bottle feeding . He like just breast milk..how i give him feeder?
Answer: Try to feed breast milk using feeding bottle for some days, then he will start automatically.
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