5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello..I'm 4 weeks pregnant but my hcg level is 4650..Is it normal?..

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Answer: Hi, it seems to be fine. However take a test again after 48 weeks. If the hormones doubles then you have a healthy pregnancy.
Answer: Hllo dear in 4 weeks hcg level should be between 5 – 426 mIU/ml. Ur hcg level s high as 4650.So consult 2 yr gyno
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Question: I'm 5 weeks 2 days pregnant, hcg level is 7344. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello, your HCG level is absolutely in range nothing to worry about. happy pregnancy .
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Question: Hello m 4 weeks pregnant my beta hcg levell is 5 ml/mu is it normal
Answer: yes it is normal . below 5 can mean that you are not pregnant . beta HCG needs time to rise so try the test once again after week if it is above 5 then you are pregnant
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Question: Hi..am 6week pregnant,my USG reports are normal,but my beta HCG level is 1500,is it normal level?
Answer: Yes it's absolutely normal .. beta hcg will gradually increase as pregnancy progressess .don't worry all the best
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