8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hellodr. my doctor took the scan yesterday And saw a sac and a dot in that but still no heart beat formed .she told that am 7 weeks pregnant and ask to take another scan after two weeks. My first daughter got her heart beat at 6 week and still no heart beat for the second baby i m really worried and tensed.

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Answer: Sometimes it takes time for the heartbeat to form. As suggested wait for two weeks and go for the scan again. All the best!
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Question: Hi, i have done a scan on 5w 2d, at that time doctor told only gastational sac is present, scan after two weeks so we can check for heart beat. Pls anyone suggest is it normal to have gaststional sac alone on 5weeks and get heartbeat by 7 weeks? Pls suggest
Answer: It is normal.....we get proper heartbeat in 7th or 8th week...dont worry...be positive
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Question: Màm I m six week pregnant, yesterday I had ultrasound in which it show yolk sac with embroy is present but no heart beat .. kya heart beat two weeks me aaya jayegi
Answer: Dear not to worry, usually baby heart beat and viability can be detect at 6-7 weeks of gestation.sometimes might not able to hear baby heart beat at this weeks.so you can wait till 9 weeks to hear baby heartbeat.please get scan after 10 days to check viability of fetus.continue taking antenatal supplements.all the best
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Question: I saw a dream today that my baby heart beat has stopped. Did anyone get such dream I'm really worried?
Answer: Dear this is not so. You should think positive . Keep busy yourself in reading books or listening music.
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