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Question: Hello, yesterday and today I have some spots. My period dates are near so is this a sign of menstruations???

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Answer: Hi dear of u r planning for pregnancy then having spotting can be a symptoms of early pregnancy. U can check ur pregnancy with the morning urine after 1 week of missed period to check if u r pregnant or not.
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Question: My wife is in her 31st week of pregnancy.. there are some blood spots from her this a sign of premature delivery?
Answer: Hi,it is possible ,it is imp to I form this to the Dr as if reqd Dr will do immediate scan to check if everything is fine and if reqd Dr will ask to do fetal monitoring Which will help the Dr to decide weather to go in for immeidate delivery it weather she can wait .
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Question: I have pain in my breast and my eyes are also red, Is this a early sign of pregnancy? my last day of period was 13th Feb
Answer: Hello! Though pain in breast might be symptom of pregnancy. But red eyes are not. Please go for the Pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant or not.
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Question: Yesterday and today I saw little white discharge is it a sign of labor
Answer: Hello dear, don't worry about this sign. 39 weeks compete u had labour pain.
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