30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello ...which one is better normal delivery C-section?

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Answer: Hello! According to me vaginal birth is better because when you have a c-section you have to go threw the recovery which can take up to 3 weeks and its really painful to walk or even move at all and its really hard to take care of your baby because your in so much pain.
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    ranjana kushwaha1256 days ago

    ok thank uhh

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Question: I'm so tensed about my delivery... Which one is better... Normal delivery or c-section....???
Answer: Hi. normal delivery is generally preferred as it is safest way of delivering baby when you have no pregnancy-related complications. the pain gets over it normal delivery after the baby's birth. in case of c section you will not feel the labor pain but there will be pain after the surgery. going for normal or C-section it all depends upon your confidence level and your family support. if there is any pregnancy-related complications that will not support normal delivery then you will have to go for C-section. if not maximum the doctors will go for normal delivery.
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Question: Which delivery is better normal c section ?
Answer: Normal because pain will get delivery time only .. in c section ofter delivery and future also back pain .. But if not able to do normal delivery better to do c section only
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Question: Which is better between normal delivery nd c section delivery?
Answer: Hello! Definitely normal is better as it is the natural way of giving birth. But again we cannot say C-section is bad because in many life threatening cases, C-section has been life saviour. Take care
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