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Question: Hello,what should I eat so that I get good breast milk after my delivery??

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Answer: Hello! When a mother is breast feeding, she needs to include galactogogues in her diet. Galactogogues are those foods that facilitate milk production and increase it. You must eat foods that give   strength and speed up the process of  healing.  Here are some foods that should be included in the Indian diet plan for lactating mothers: Proteins-  The baby is in the growing stage and needs lots of proteins. Mothers must eat lots of proteins for 2 reasons . one to meet the growing baby’s requirement and for self healing . Protein Foods to include in a lactating mothers diet  – soy bean, chicken, grilled fish and egg whites  can be included in less spicy and grilled form after 15 days of delivery . Mothers can also get proteins by drinking a glass of milk with a spoon of protein powder recommended by the gynecologist.Take  Milk 2 times a day. Soaked Almonds (15 pieces per day).  Vegetarian moms can include a lot of orange masoor dal as it helps in increasing the milk supply. you can also include Mung dal , Paneer  and cheese in your diet . Avoid Curd intake  in the first 2 months after delivery . You can start eating curd from 3rd month onward.Consume Chickpeas and lentils in lesser quantity. Introduce these foods in mothers diet after 20 – 25 days of delivery . If you feel that lentils are hard on your digestion or your baby’s digestion . Skip it till you baby turns 3 month old. then reintroduce these foods. Lentils are gas causing foods and a little harsh on digestion of the new born. Liquids A lactating mother should drink ample liquids since it helps in milk production. Less intake can lead to dehydration and decreased supply of milk. Liquid foods to include in a Lactating mothers diet :  Water and coconut water. Vegetable based soups made out of spinach , bottle gourd , beetroot and carrots are super beneficial. Ragi kanji,  buttermilk (after 1 month of delivery ) and milk etc are good options. Drinking a liquid half an hour prior to feeding is most beneficial.   Whole grains – Eat lots of whole grains and whole grain foods since these are highly nutritious and easily digestible. Whole grain foods to include in lactating mothers diet : whole wheat flour , Oats and  broken wheat daliya.  Brown rice , quinoa, ragi , Museli  etc. Vitamins Consume Green leafy vegetables and fruits periodically in order to get lots of vitamins and minerals. They help in better milk production and a good let down effect. Vitamins are essential for proper growth of the baby and to get the systems to function normally in a mother after delivery . Vegetables and Green leafy foods to include in lactating mothers diet: Spinach, dill  and fenugreek. You can include Pumpkins , bottle gourds , ridge gourds, Parval (pointed gourds ) and tinda . Carrots and beetroots are specially very good for the lactating mom and the growing baby.  Beans can be included in your diet in little quantity after 20 – 25 days of delivery .  Fruits like Apple , pomegranate , pear and papaya are good to have.   Herbal teas or Herbal Infusions   One can drink herbal teas prepared with ingredients that are safe to take while breast feeding. The biggest advantage of drinking herbal tea is that it doesn’t contain caffeine. you can buy ready herbal mix or make your own at home . Ingredients to use for Home made herbal Infusions – Ajwain or Gondh katira –  Ajwain infused water is beneficial in correcting the digestion issues and getting the entire digestive system to work right after the baby’s birth . It  helps the mother shed some fat and clear the blood clots with easy .Mint leaves and some Cloves or sounf / fennel seeds – This drink increases the milk secretions and thus facilitates lactation.Lemon grass  and Ginger – Ginger helps a lot in healing and as a pain reliever in women after delivery . Iron and Calcium – A lot of women stop taking their Iron and calcium medicines after delivery . If you do so , Eat foods that are rich in iron and calcium. The mother loses lots of blood during delivery and needs to renew her iron stores. Calcium is needed for the healthy bones and teeth of the baby. It is also needed to replenish the lost calcium from he mother body. Sources of Iron food in lactating Mothers diet –  Non vegetarian mom  can include liver and organ meat of  chicken and duck. meats like pork , lamb and beef. Sea foods like oysters, sardines, mussels and shell fish . Vegetarian moms can include dry beans , black eyed peas  and green peas. cabbage, broccoli, kale and turnip greens.Foods cooked in iron vessels with tomatoes will also provide some iron . Pressed rice (Poha ) and Puffed rice are good sources too. Jaggery is a good source too. Sources of Calcium food in lactating Mothers diet –  Milk and milk products like curd , cheese and paneer . Fishes with soft bones like salmon , anchovies and sardines. Leafy vegetables like Spinach, kale, mustard greens, and turnip tops.   Galactogogues – Galactogogues are an essential part of a lactating mother’s meals. They help to increase the milk supply and meet the growing needs of the baby.  These can be easily incorporated in our day to recipes and given to the mother. We have incorporated these Galactogogues in our Indian diet plan for lactating mothers Galactogogues foods that can be included in a lactating mother’s diet – Shatavari , fenugreek and fennel seeds. Foods like milk , Almonds, Orange Masoor dal , spinach, Garlic , sesame and poppy seeds  and ragi kanji also help in increasing milk secretions. Take care
Answer: Hello, One of the best ways to increase milk supply is to keep on nursing your little one. Making milk from your baby is better than any other method to make milk in your body. The stimulations of the nerves during breastfeeding helps produce more milk in the breasts. Oatmeal: Oats are easy to prepare as a meal. They are considered to control the occurrence of diabetes during post pregnancy.Oatmeal is loaded with energy.It contains fiber and is good for your digestion.Have a bowl of oat meal for breakfast. If the thought of having oatmeal is not appetizing, you can try having oat cookies instead. Fennel seeds boost the quantity of your breast milk. They are digestives and help control baby-colic.Fennel seeds can be added along with seasonings to vegetable fillings. Add them to your tea or boil a few seeds with milk and drink up.Pop in a few seeds after a meal as a mouth refresher.3. Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek seeds are known for boosting breast milk supply. Chew on the sprouted seeds along with a glass of milk to prevent post-delivery constipation.It enhances your milk quantity.Toss in the seeds with seasoning and flavoring.Have them for breakfast as a pancake by mixing fenugreek seeds and rice. Garlic is considered the best food to increase breast milk, as it is well-known for boosting lactation in nursing mothers. It has chemical compounds which help in lactation.Garlic consumption prevents all types of cancer.Toss in a few stir-fried garlic cloves in your soup.Add it in a vegetable of your choice.
Answer: Hi, you can try this to help you get good milk supply Regular feed from both side Have good milk and milk products Have fenugreek seeds Have fennel seeds Garlic is good too Oatmeal helps to boost the milk suppky Try these it will help
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Question: What I can eat so that baby can get enough breast milk
Answer: There are many foods which Increase Breast Milk Quickly 1. Oatmeal Oats have a lot of benefit is with them. Apart from easy and quick to prepare, it helps keep blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight in check and supports the immune system as well. Oats are rich in calcium and fibre and thus helps increase the milk supply. It also prevents the occurrence of diabetes during post pregnancy. You can have a bowl full of oatmeal for breakfast or can also go for oat cookies. 2. Salmon Salmon is rich in omega-3 and essential fatty acids required by the body as they are highly nutritious and vital for breastfeeding mothers. It helps boost lactation hormones by making the milk more nutritious and healthy. It simply improves mother’s health so that she can produce the hormones necessary for milk production You can go for the boiled, steamed or the grilled one for your meal. 3. Spinach and beet leaves These contain a high amount of calcium, iron, vitamin K, vitamin A and folic acid. Iron is required by the anaemic mothers. It also helps to make the baby stronger. It contains some plant chemicals which prevent breast cancer. You can take the leaves and make soup or can make a paratha for a meal. Remember to eat spinach carefully and in some alterations as too much of it can cause diarrhoea in your baby. 4. Carrots Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A which are needed by the lactating mothers. Like spinach, it does help a lot for increasing lactation. It provides with energy and improves the quality and supply of milk. Having a glass of carrot juice with lunch or breakfast will work as an amazing food for lactating mother. You can directly snack on it or can even make a soup of it. In winters, you can go for blended carrots stirred with warm milk and sugar as it soothes the body. 5. Fennel seeds Fennel is a rich source of vitamin C. and one of the foods to increase breast milk quickly. Apart from this, it also aids in digestion and settles an upset belly. It also helps control colic under babies. You can have it along with seasonings or can add it to your tea or milk. It can also be used as a mouth refresher, just pop a few seeds into your mouth after the meal. 6. Fenugreek seeds Fenugreek is a great source of iron, protein and vitamin C. It enhances the milk’s quality and also increases the milk supply within a few days of consuming the fenugreek herb. But if you are prone to asthma or allergies, you have to be careful with it. You can toss in the seeds with flavouring and seasoning or have it along with some rice. 7. Garlic Garlic is considered as the most popular food to boost lactation in nursing mother.
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Question: What should I eat so that baby should get good quality and quantity of milk
Answer: I can understand your anxiety.Quality of milk will always be good, don't worry. Breast milk can be increased by including following in your diet such as fenugreek garlic leafy vegetables etc. Bread or chapathi with milk also gives flow instantly. Eat these before feed so flow increases well. Lactogen granules also help to increase flow. You can drink before feeding and you see difference. You can also drink daily twice morning and evening Take care
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Question: What exercise should i perform so that after delivery i don't suffer with low or no breast milk.
Answer: Hi dear, Breast milk is completly hormones dependent.there is no effect of your exercises on it directly.although staying healthy and fit would indirectly help your hormones to be in place.more than that there is no evidence of exercises on breastmilk supply.eat healthy and remain stress free to manage the hirmonal balance.
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