5 months old baby

Question: Hello, we are 4 months old baby boys parents, want to what to do during flight. what security measures should be taken and check list for flight

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Answer: Hi! Please use a cap to cover the baby’s ears as there will be air pressure. During take-off and also maybe landing make sure you feed the baby breastmilk preferable, so accordingly mother has to dress up and carry a shawl or something. Carry extra pair of clothes, diapers, washcloths, baby wipes, also pacifier or some other toy to keep him distracted.
Answer: we fly when my baby was 3 month old. but we gave her sleeping dose plus ear Drops( drops are must ). both you can demand from your doctor. if you have carry coat thà will be the biggest help.. you don't have to hold your baby entire time plus.. diepers, extra pair of clothes, wipes, water bottle
Answer: Uh don't need to do anything just feed ur baby at de tym of takeoff n landing so tht ur baby don't feel the pressure on ears.
Answer: Wht are things we can carry in hand baggage? Medicine, baby food, etc are allowed or not?
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    jin s. N/A1034 days ago

    yes medicines allowed but liquid items not allowed.. you can prepare the formula at the flight..no issues. plus diepers, wipes, clothes etc.you can carry

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