29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello, we are confused, life cell representative is saying there is possibility of matching of HLA with parrents is only 25%. and cordlife person was saying exactly opposite. which is correct plzz help.. life cell is offering community bnking where they will open our baby stem cell for others also. in the same way if we require stemcell at any time they will provide the matching

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Answer: Dear there is 25% of not matching at all and 25% chance of complete matching of HLA with parents. Both are correct dear. remaining 50% matching is possible. 100 = 50 + 25 + 25
Answer: Hello! Will suggest you to go with Life cell. As life cell is providing community banking of stem cells where in they use that for any of your family members in emergency..
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    lovely shivhare990 days ago

    one more query. other are provinding tisse cell preservation also but as life is only doing blood cell preservation. does it make any difference.

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