6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... This days I'm feeling very irritated and mood swings as well laziness... Why does it have happen Please reply

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Answer: hi dear mood swings and irritation is very normal in the early week sorry in fact you will experience it in the later stage of your pregnancy as well it is all due to your hormonal activities there are many kind of hormone in your body which is getting observed and a lot of activity is being done so you feel that way and laziness could be due to the vomiting on the nauseated feeling that you are experiencing if you feel like you know being lazy and take rest or sleep for sometime please do so there is a no harm and it it is needed for you this time.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi, I'm 7 weeks pregnant n have a history of depression...dont know why but feeling mood swings, restlessness, anxiety, worry these days.. Please advice
Answer: hi dear! Depression during pregnancy, or antepartum depression, is a mood disorder just like clinical depression. Mood disorders are biological illnesses that involve changes in brain chemistry. if you have the following symptoms for 2 weeks or more then you will have to consult your doctor about this matter so that proper medication can be given : -Persistent sadness -Difficulty concentrating -Sleeping too little or too much -Loss of interest in activities that you usually enjoy -Recurring thoughts of death, suicide, or hopelessness -Anxiety -Feelings of guilt or worthlessness -Change in eating habits dont worry everyhting will be fine. pregnancy is an extremely wonderful feeling you should enjoy every bit of it.! stay positive always dear ! people are always there to help you out dont worry !
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Question: I have mood swings I get irritated now and than without any reason. what to do for this.
Answer: Hello Many women suffer from depression during pregnancy it's also a mood disorder. The major reason for this feeling is due to the harmonal changes in ur body during pregnancy the symptoms could be too much sleep sadness loneliness no self worth. U lose interest in activities u usually enjoy anxiety guilt.the reasons can be relationship problems infertility treatments stressful events or situations. This can have an effect on the baby. Babies born to depressed mothers are less active less attention and are agitated. The best treatment is surround urself with friends or a support group. dress up well and try having fun time. Go out for a walk exercise the endorphins will help with your mood eat chocolate. Get therapy.
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Question: feeling very boring from last 4_5 days why this happen
Answer: Mood swings are very common in pregnancy.try to relax,meditate,do what makes you happy.take care of your diet.
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