3 months old baby

Question: Hello there..my baby poop once in a week or more than that. She had a entercolities when she was 40 days old (now 105 days) . is it ok to breastfeeding baby will go wothout pooping?

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Answer: Hi dear ,no once a week is not good ,once in two to max three days is still ok.i think you should consult your Dr and give her done like milk if magnesium .you should also include this to your diet .figs and prunes and dates Papaya Fibrous food like green vegetables and carrots Drink lots of water. This will also help the baby
Answer: Hmm.good thing is that she passes the gas /fart more than 5 times per day ...
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Question: Hi,My baby is 3 months old now,she is pooping more than 6 times daily,is it good for her when she will come to normal ...
Answer: yes its normal but in routine more than six time u consult to ur doctor also depend the quantity of stool.if baby do few poiping after interwAls its normal
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Question: I do breastfeeding for my baby ..she is active and calm.. she pass urine every 45 mins .. she was pooping once in a week.. now its more than 15 days .. she has not pooped .. is it normal
Answer: Its normal for tge breast fed baby brtter once u consult the doc after 15th fay
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Question: My baby is just 7 days old she is pooping more than 30 times in a days nd crying while pooping. Is it's OK or not
Answer: rush to your doctor immediately dear. 30 times poop is not normal at all.
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