15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello there, i am 14 weeks pregnant & i wanted to know that what kind of soap can i use for bathing??

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Answer: Hi dear, You can use any mild soap now.as the skin gets strechy and sensitive its very important that you avoid harsh soaps which could do more damage to your skin and make it dry. Use glycerine soaps ,they are mild too.also donot forget to moisturize your skin.
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    Mujju Sk180 days ago

    Hello..Give some names of mild soap..

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    Sindhu Arumugam170 days ago

    Body shop almond milk and honey

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Answer: Hi,this depends day in many factors ,it can't be decided as if now. Unless yes,you have low lying placenta then you may necessarily have to go in for a csec Else it depends in the labor the other medical issues faced during the due date period Also it depends on the position of the baby. If it is breech then you will have to go in for csec
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Question: Am 5 weeks pregnant,just wanted to know what kind of physical exercise i can do during 1st trimester
Answer: Walking and yoga( breathing exercise) is best physical activity which you can do in pregnancy. Don't do hard physical exercises. Walk slow and when ever you feel discomfort take rest and then walk.
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Question: Which soap can use for baby bathing
Answer: Hello! Go for a soap which is low on ph level. You can use Teddy bar soap. It is mild on the skin of the baby. Take care
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