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Question: Hello the last mnth also have not been in periods n this month too what would it be pls help me ...last time had checked with kit at home but it was negative

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Answer: Dear if ur pregnancy report s negative consult to ur dr nd go for beta hcg blood test by that u ll sure abht pregnancy if that ll be negative ur dr ll gives medicine nd ur periods ll come try it best of luck .
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    Mital Thacker7 days ago

    Thank u so much

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Question: Hi. I am 4 weeks pregnant but there is no morning sickness/nausea feeling. Is it normal? Also I did the home pregnancy test twice with kit it shows one faint line and one dark line. What does it mean? However I confirmed it with my gynecologist and after blood test is confirmed but still want to know why the kit showed that way.
Answer: Kit show faint line when we do test early that means a test should be done only after 8 days of a skip the period se you must have done the test early than this that's why it was trying faint line and that is absolutely normal. and yes it is fine and not to have any symptoms when I was pregnant I also used not to have any kind of symptoms during first 3 months
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Question: Hi my last period was on 30 September and my cycles are regular too I didn't get my periods this month it's around 41 days yesterday I checked home test but it was negative Please suggest me
Answer: there is a particular way to check pregnancy I hope that you have done in a right way because it should be done early morning empty stomach with the first urine of morning you are not supposed to drink even a sip of water before test and if you have done it properly then you should go for beta HCG test because that is more reliable than urine test
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Question: I got last period on 3rd Sep. Have not got yet this month. Pregnancy test is negative. Having severe hairfall. What could be the reason?
Answer: Don't worry . Keep maintaining proper balanced diet, water intake and healthy lifestyle with exercise
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