37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello frnds plz tell me can i eat pineapple in 9th month

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,you can have pineapple in moderation.though the ingredient bromelain in pineapple is beleived to be causing contractions.but it is only possible if you eat 10 pineapple at once which I donot think you can have at one go.so you can have pineapple one serving,which is absolutely safe.
Answer: Hii.. dear... No pineapple is contraindicated during pregnancy because it is harmful to ur baby growth
Answer: Yes now u can eat
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Question: Hello frnds.. M 9th week pregnant...can k eat Maggie
Answer: Hi dear, Instant noodles need to be totally avoided during pregnancy.it is bad in all aspects.containing monosodium glutamate ,could cause birth defects in unborn baby.it also contains high amount of sodium,nit good for bp.this is deep fried and full of preservatives. Avoid it completely,rather have wholewheat spaghetti,and make it at home.check healofy app for right diet during pregnancy.
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Question: can I eat pineapple in 9th month?
Answer:  Pineapple was traditionally used to induce miscarriage in early pregnancy, but there is no evidence that drinking pineapple juice causes pregnancy loss.  Drinking pineapple juice provides plenty of beneficial nutrients and calories you need to help your baby grow, so it is generally considered safe and healthy for a pregnancy diet when consumed in moderate amounts.  The acidity of pineapple juice could cause heartburn in some pregnant women , if you consume fresh juice from an unripe pineapple it may have a severe laxative effect.
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Question: I am in 9th month, can i take pineapple
Answer: Little amount of pineapple is not causing anything harmful to you
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