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Question: Hello team I just got my period 1 hour ago. Flow is light. It is my first time of period after missed abortion . I got dnc done on 1 st Aug. Pls help why Flow is light

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Question: You Hi dear..I got first period after 9 months after post was heavy bleeding 1 and 2 nd day, slowly decreased flow it's ended up 4 th day, now exactly after 30 days I got 2nd period but blood flow,I have seen in 2 days just 5,6 drops. What happened to my blood flow,pls suggest
Answer: hi dear! so after pregnancy it takes time for your body to come back to normal routine dear. and if you are breastfeeding then the prolactin levels in the body will be high which will affect the periods dear. so its fine dear. the irregularity will take place and if you have stopped breastfeeding and still facing this problem then you will have to consult with your doctor dear. take care dear.
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Question: After missed period on day 32 of lpd i got negative result.. why?
Answer: hi dear , though missed periods may indicate pregnancy however only a positive test result is the confirmation.. normally after 12 days of missing periods you may get accurate results however i would suggest you visit the doc to be sure of the results and the examination may help you with the path ahead
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Question: Hi team, I got my last period on 30th aug. I checked today and it was negative. What should I do to induce period. Pls suggest.
Answer: Hi dear.. First of all.. Remember that you can still be pregnant even if the test was negative.. Test again in 3-4 days with morning's first urine, in case you don't get your periods.. And coming to inducing periods.. You can eat things which have heating effect inside the body such as jaggery.. Ginger powder.. Carom seeds.. Black pepper.. In fact you can heat Jaggery in a pan and mix rest of things in it and have it.. It's yummy as well 😜you can also add nuts like almonds if you like
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