15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. some sticky thing is releasing from my nipples.. this is happening before my marriage.. can anyone tell me why i am going through this?

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Answer: Hi, it happens when pro lactine levels are high in the body. You should consult your dr ans get the levels tested. Take care. Dont ignore
Answer: Hi, you should meet your gynax as it happens when prolactine levels are hifh in rhe body.
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant.Sometimes I feel pain in my breast .Can anyone plz tell,why is this happening?
Answer: Hello%20dear...%0ABreast%20pain%20is%20normal%20in%20pregnancy%2Cit%20happensdue%20to%20harmonalchanges%20%2C%20%20increase%20of%20blood%20supply%20%2Cfollow%20these%20remedies%20it%20might%20be%20helpful%20for%20you...%20%0ADrink%20more%20water%0AMonitor%20your%20salt%20intake%0AWear%20correct%20brazier%20and%20loose%20clothes%0AApply%20coconut%20oil%0ATake%20Warm%20water%20bath%0AGive%20Hot%20or%20cold%20compress%0AApply%20pain%20relieving%20ointment
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Question: I m having water from nipples nd m am 16 week pregnant why this is happening?
Answer: White or milky discharge from breast in pregnancy is normal this fluid is called colostrum it's a form of milk that is secreted from your nipple. This the sign that your body is preparing up for breastfeed your baby. Many women experience colostrum leakage throughout pregnancy and even after the birth. If you are uncomfortable with the discharge try wearing some thin nursing pads in your bra.
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Question: Hello my whole body is iching since 3-4days...y its happening? Anyone going through same?
Answer: I am not sure why your body is aching....please visit a doctor to consult But I would like to share my cousin's experience as she also had itching in whole body during pregnancy . She was diagnosed with minute liver problem .for that she took medicines and then it got controled
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