32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello sisters... I'm 31 weeks started..today baby movements eppavathu than therithu..but last 3 to 4 days baby movements nalla therinjithu..yen apdi iruku?is this normal?

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Answer: Sila days la baby less active aakum...oru 3 hours la baby 10 times kick pannum...atleast movements irukkunna bayapedavenda...movements konjam kooda illena immediately consult your doctor
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    Mufi Ahamed97 days ago

    Thank you sis... movements iruku but lite ah iruku adikadi ila eppavathu than iruku..

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Question: Hello sisters.. I'm 31 weeks pregnant.today baby movements eppavathu than therithu.. but last 3 to 4 days baby movements nalla therinjithu..yen ipdi iruku?is this normal?
Answer: Take rest and have some cold milk or juice, eat healthy food.Sleep in ur left side you can feel the mobements
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Question: Hi sisters....now im 24 weeks pregnant..baby movements somedays nalla therithu..but somedays no movements...6th month starting la daily therinjithu..ipo 3 days ah movements therila..is this ok ?im little worried about this
Answer: Due to dehydration this will happens..Drink lot of water and lie down on your left and be calm and observe the movements . If you don't find movement please check with your doctor . Kavalai padathinga
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Question: Hi sis... Now I am 8 weeks 3 days pregnant Sterday I went to hospital doctor scan pani pathanga baby Ku heart beat and growth nalla iruku nu sonnanga but baby growth 7 weeks 3 days iruku nu sonnanga... Is this normal or not... I'm very worried about this pls ans
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. If you are right weeks three days by lmp, don't worry. It happens some times if you have conceived in later parts of ovulation. Have regular check ups. If you find any other symptoms contact doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi friends..last week Thursday anomaly scan panom..dr said everything is fine..thn 4 days ah baby movements therinjithu..but ipo 2 days ah movements therila..is this normal?
Answer: Yes, everything is fine.. You will feel movements in few days
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