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Question: Hello please tell me will my baby get fever after bcg ?

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Answer: My dear frnd.. BCG is a vaccacine that is given to your baby in between 15 days from her birth. This is necessary to save her from TB. Fever is very normal after this. Dont take tension. If the fever doesnot go in a day go to the doctor.
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    Beautypy Zee165 days ago

    Give 2 drops of panadol syrup

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    Mega K121 days ago

    No not necessary every baby gets fever

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    Nita Sharma121 days ago

    My baby was vaccinated right after she was born and there was no fever

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    yess i am 9days old baby mother and my son got vaccinated yesterday. he was little disturbed at night then other nights but not fever but my husband had already told me about fever so i was mentally prepared..

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    Huma Naz119 days ago

    My baby got vaccination when he was 6days old..but he did not get fever..so it is not necessary...

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    Rayees Fathima117 days ago

    Yes, and it's normal..

Answer: My baby is 11 days old and he got his bcg within 24hrs from birth. And didn't had fever or any uneasiness
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    sonali bhandare84 days ago


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    Moumita Dey68 days ago

    same here

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    Naaz Antulay46 days ago

    Is it normal to newborn to pee 5 to 6 times a day while on breasfeed

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    Mahima K40 days ago

    Yeah it's normal, even to my child in 2 nd day

Answer: Which oil is recommended for my 15days old baby and also plz suggest which powder I can use for my baby.
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    Humera Borkar121 days ago

    Simyl oil which is given before feeding 4 drop

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    shri priya119 days ago

    Mother's care products are gud u can find it in firstcry.com

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    kunika arora76 days ago

    Desi ghee n Himalaya powder

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    Driti Sharma46 days ago

    Coconut oil is the best for massage. Himalaya's product are good for babies.

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    Kamal Amritpal46 days ago

    Himalya kit is vry effective on new born skin even my baby is also 16 days nd my use this

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    Swagata43 days ago

    Olive oil is best..

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    Sreeba Ayyasamy42 days ago

    Sebamed products are best for the babies. . U can try that. . Or else Himalaya products are affordable and good. .

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    Vandana Jain41 days ago

    I use desi ghee for massage for my baby girl she is also 15 days old,

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    Rashmita Palo40 days ago

    til oil is best for body and hair also...

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    Vinathi Galaba39 days ago

    Sebamed and himalaya both are excellent products. Please dont use crude and high viscous oils for days bsbies

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    priyanka Kale22 days ago

    Coconut oil

Answer: My son also got vaccinated,but now a days it became so easy that newborn doesn't get fever
Answer: Don't take tension i gave this vaccine on 3 rd day after birth but no fever.
Answer: My baby too got bcg vaccine but she did not get fever she was normal
Answer: No.. not for BCG. In case of fever, consult doctor immediately
Answer: Yah! Getting fever after bcg normal,so no need to worry.
Answer: No it is not compulsory
Answer: baby rose engengu
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Answer: All vaccination is more or less painful for babies.. yes during the incubation period baby can get mild fever for couple of days. hope you have paediatric Paracetamol or Crocin with you which you can give baby if fever is above 100. Take care of you baby.
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