14 weeks pregnant mother

Hello, please some one help me with this - i am in my 13th week and 6 days. I slept on my sides while sleeping and morning when i woke up i was feeling any symptoms,like heavy breathing or heart beat. But after sometime i felt normal. Now, are these symptoms the usual one in second trimester or this is anything i should consult with my doctor ? Tia.

Hllo dear u r 14 weeks pregnant As a normal part of pregnancy, your breathing may be affected by the increase in the hormone progesterone, which causes you to breathe in more deeply.try this Gentle exercise such as walking in the fresh air or swimming will help you to maintain your fitness and breathe more deeply. Towards the end of your pregnancy, aim to spend 10 minutes every day taking deep breaths and exhaling, to help your lungs to inflate as fully as possible.nothing to worry if u feel more problem consult to ur gyno
Yes dear u should consult dctr 1st..
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Question: Mam my 8th month is going on. Sometime my heart beat becomes fast and i feel uneasy. Is this normal or i should consult my doctor ?
Answer: Hi Slight increase in heart rate is not normal during pregnancy As the blood volume increases so does the cardiac output of your heart to pump blood Hence the heart rate increases by 30-40 %
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Question: Yesterday I felt very heavy on my lower abdomen I couldn't walk also for sometime.. Is this normal or symptoms of labour plz advice
Answer: It's bcoz of baby position. Sometime baby stuck and cause pressure but as soon as baby will change position u will feel relax.
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Question: I am in my second trimester. When i checked my blood pressure this morning it reads 127/87 and heart beat 97. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi,it is on the higher side slightly,you should consultation.yoir Dr as you may need to take meds either in the morning. Also you should avoid salty food and food that has preservatives and processed food. Have plain nuts instead.if salty nuts
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