11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello please help day before yesterday my down syndrome test takes place and by babys NT is 4.6 doctor tooks vaginal ultrasound because before it was not clear through abdominal and NT is above normal range , waiting for double marker test the person who tooks ultrasound told me that soon you have to take decision please help what to do i am totally broken

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Answer: Hello! Please talk to you doctor. You need will require amniocentesis to confirm for trisomy 21. Please don't stress out from now. Wait and talk to the doctor. Take care
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    Thank you dolly

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Question: am 36yrs and this is my second pregnancy i havent not been asked to do double marker test or down syndrome scan in the first trimester. now i am in second trimester is it fine of not doing the above tests or should i consult doctor regarding this. please help me out .
Answer: After 35 yrs, a women must take double/triple marker test. Since it doesn't come under normal check up routine,so doctor don't ask for it.also its bit costly also,so they avoid. but u can insist the doctor to write it.i did the same.
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Question: hello Doctor, I am having more than 12 weeks of pregnancy. doctor suggested me double marker test and and ultrasound also. both are the report has come results are following. 1 - Double marker - 1:32 2 - Ultrasound - NT Scan = NB hypoplastic After reviewing both reports by doctor now Double marker result is - 1:84. So now doctor suggested me to go for NIPT test. I want to ask how much risk is there with baby ? with this parameter if baby born then how much risk with ? I also want to ask. with the help of NIPT test should I know the reason that why report is showing Down's syndrome ? Please suggest me right way.
Answer: NIPT is a DNA test on maternal blood to screen pregnancies for the most common fetal chromosome anomalies: trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome). Also the gender of the fetus is determined.
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