33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... Now i just entered to 8 month of pregnancy and my baby's head position is lowered Dr suggested me to take rest .Is it becomes preterm delivery ?

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Question: I have completed 9months of pregnancy but still baby's head in upward position and Dr. Suggested me to take castor oil.. Wether castor oil is safe for pregnancy to bring the baby in downward position....
Answer: Yes definitely you can go for it . If your doctor is suggesting you then its for your good only. Your doctor knows you and ur baby's condition well. No doctors will suggest you something wrong. If you still have doubt then consult another doctor and get a second opinion .
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Question: nobody is answering... plz answer me.. my 9 month will start after 3 days and my baby's Position is transverse..Dr said to take rest and in 9 month they will take ultrasound.... so kindly suggest some tips to change baby's Position and my normal delivery is possible.. I m afraid of ceserian.. is there any possibility to change baby's Position.. answer soon
Answer: Hey nothing to worry...some people says c sec is better than normal delivery..it's not painful.but it takes much time to heal the stitches.. that's it.nothing to worry walk daily,take proper rest.baby can change position till birth..so stay positive.
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Question: hello Dr. my 8 month is running... Today my Gynae suggested me to take duphaston tablets... why is it used ??...
Answer: Do you have constipation coz doctor gave me same syrup for constipation.
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