16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Now am running 4th month(15th week running) what will I do for normal delivery??? And suggest the food

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Answer: Hi Diet should consists of fruits lean meats, legumes and diary. Choose dark veggies, starch foods and protein rich foods. Make sure you eat iron rich diet. Avoid organ meat and foods that contain retinol. Consume sea food in moderate amounts. Reduce sugar intake. Avoid street food as it might contain bacteria. Include bromelain rich foods, in 37th week as it stimulated labor and soften cervix. Pineapple, Mango are some of the bromelain rich fruits, eating raw will give best results. (But do not take them in excess as it might lead to premature labor) Spicy foods make your body warmer and eases normal delivery in few cases. 
Answer: Don't do anything thing from now
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Question: Now am 38 week. What are the steps for normal delivery? Like food and exercise
Answer: Hello Dear follow these steps for healthy normal delivery. *Walking and swimming help during pregnancy but nothing beats kegal exercise. Try exercises that strengthen your pelvic and thigh muscles. *Squatting help open the pelvis and get your baby into birthing position, strengthen your leg muscles and help during the labour. *You must do some breathing exercise: breathe from the chest or stomach. Alternate deep and shallow breathing *Stress is common during pregnancy. To remain stress-free, meditat or listen to the music. Avoid negativity. Having a positive support system helps yu lot. *massage helps you deal with labour better and manage stress too. *Having a healthy diet is very important during pregnancy. fruits, vegetables, lean meat, legumes, and dairy. Avoid seafood, sugar and street food. *Hydrate yourself enough. You can even use healthy sports drink to get your daily quota of fluids *gain confidence and process becomes easier. So read, consult doctor and learn about the delivery procedure. *Choose your doctor wisely. Having a doctor who respects your wishes and does the right thing is the one you should consult. Take care
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Question: Hello m running 15th week.. Getting headache since morning.please suggest what can I do?
Answer: During  the first trimester, your body experiences a surge of hormones and an increase in blood volume. These two changes can cause more frequent headaches. These headaches may be further aggravated by stress, poor posture or changes in your vision. kindly keep checking blood pressure , urine for presence of protein and also signs of blurred vision , epigastric pain . These are signs of hypertension during pregnancy starts usually at 20wks. Have a safe pregnancy. Take care
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Question: Hello, My 9th month started from 18 April, What things should I do for normal delivery? and which food will be good. Plz suggest me..
Answer: Painapple khao Ghee lo Butterfly exercise karo Khud ko relax rakho Milk lo
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