39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello... frm night m havin regular contractions ...and its getting stronger... is dat false pain or labor pain?

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Answer: U cant differentiate false or real better to rush for hospital...
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    Softy Kaur1066 days ago


Answer: U cant differentiate false or real better to rush for hospital...
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Question: I m having continuous stomach pain from 3-4 days........ Doc says it is false pain...... But i m getting regular contractions also...... Wht can be the reason
Answer: Hi I know it must be very painful. Even that waiting time to get the baby out and to be able to hold him is a lot.. The false labour is called Braxton Hicks, Mostly with irregular contractions. You are definitely near to actual labour pain. Even with the false labour just get confirmation from your doctor if your cervix has dilated and if baby's head has come down. When your labour actually starts you will start getting contractions at a certain time interval and that pain is a lot more than Braxton Hicks. Please keep a check of timing inbetween every contraction and duration of contractions as well. The closer u get to Ur labour the time inbetween contractions decreases and duration increases. Mostly there is Pain in back and sudden tightness and sharp pain in stomach
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Question: M confused m having frequent contractions since 5-6days are those false labor pains or acidity???
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. As you are in your 39 week of pregnancy, it might be a sign of labor itself.. You can consult your gynecologist immediately. Few of the labor signs are: The baby drops. Strong and regular contractions. Water breaks. Lower back pain and cramping. Bloody vaginal discharge. Diarrhea or nausea. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: I m getting pain on lower back and i m feeling like period time pain from night ,is it true r false ,when the labor pain will start,,,
Answer: Hi dear , during last trimester the back pain is normal and also because now the baby is full grown and that causes pressure. You are some time away from final delivery period now.. you would now watch out for excess vaginal discharge and the baby drop symptoms.
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