34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello my wife iz 8 mnth pregnant n she dsnt feel any movemnt of d baby..what to do???

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Answer: nothing serious hota hai kisi kisi ko, ek glass pani me 3 spoon saunf daalkar garm kare jab tak paani half glass ho jaye,phir usme 1 spoon ghee daalkar gunguna hone par pila do, 2 ya 3 din karo ache se ghumega...shayad baby weak ho gaya hai
Answer: consult ur doctor as soon as possible, dont neglect this.
Answer: consult ur Doctor immedietly.
Answer: consult doctor
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Question: I am 8 mnth pregnant now .. N i harldy feel my baby movement. .. What to do ...
Answer: Dear at this stage at the minimum ur baby should be felt once every hour. And if that is not happening then please consult ur gynae without any delay. Hope it helps.
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Question: M in my 6 th month... I feel less movemnt of d baby than befre what i freequntly had... What to do now...
Answer: Hi dear, Baby starts moving post 26 week.so early movements if any could be feeble and less.i would suggest you to wait till baby grows some more and then they set a pattern of movements.not to worry.your baby is perfectly fine.yes some babies are very active and some are not but that doesn't mean baby is not healthy and would be inactive post delivery too.just giv some time.
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Question: My wife is 22^nd week running she couldn't feel any movements of d baby plz help....
Answer: Please consult a doctor as early as possible. Becos movements of the baby indicate the health of baby.
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Question: My baby somtym dsnt burp after feeding n goes to sleeep in d night at tymes i get worried is it ok is she dsnt burp??
Answer: Yes, but you must hold up right for 15 minutes in daytime. And atleast a minute during night feedings
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