22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello My wife is 21 weeks pregnant . I want to know some yoga tips for her. Suggestions needed.

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Answer: Hello.. Yoga in pregnancy will be very helpful for smooth and safe delivery.. it can also increase flexibility, and increases stamina both physically and mentally. But before doing these asanas, it is essential to take advice from yoga instructor, Few poses that helps in pregnancy are Pranayam It is a best breathing exercise, do it regularly , it will helps you lot in pregnancy Tadasana - a mountain pose It is good to do this Asana in pregnancy, it will strengthen the spine and releives back pain too Trikona Asana - triangle pose This triangle pose will helps in reducing digestive problems caused during pregnancy, it will also helps in labour Konasana- angle pose This angle pose will helps in strengthening of back muscles,and to maintain correct posture
Answer: you can improve the chances of normal delivery There are many exercises that help you to improve movements well Walking is best Pregnancy yoga not only helps you in increasing chances of normal delivery but also helps you and your baby stay fit and active in pregnancy It should be done in the supervision of an expert only Since your wife is in second trimester she can slowly start
Answer: Hello. Exercise and yoga are very necessary for pregnant women to prepare her body for labor. Tell her to go smoothly with them. Exercise like breathing, cat pose, strengthenic pelvic, walking are very good
Answer: Mam mere Ek ultrasound me 18 July aur dusre me 25 July Di hai mera 18 June se 9 month strat Ho jayega aur first bay operation se hua tha to kya bhi operation hi hoga
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Question: My wife is 21 weeks pregnant. I want her to be more active and suggest some simple yoga step. Kindly suggest.
Answer: Hello mam, Physical activity is important for everyone, including women who are pregnant. Staying active during pregnancy can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy. It may also help reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. Before starting Talk to your doctor about getting active during your pregnancy. As long as there isn’t a medical reason for you to avoid physical activity during your pregnancy, you can start or keep doing moderate physical activity. 1. Tell her to do household chores what she use to do before pregnancy. But plz tell her not to lift heavy objects and avoid bending. 2. Avoid exercise that could strain her back. 3. Stay away from activities that increase her risk of falling. 4. Be careful while going out and protect being hurt at stomach. Tell her to practice breathing exercise as breathing during labor pain.
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Question: Hello, My wife is 21 weeks pregnant. I want to know till how much months or weeks she can travel in flights. Kindly suggest
Answer: 2nd trimester is the safest and most ideal period for a pregnant woman to travel. You may also take your wife outside on a short trip. This will help her in changing her mood and feel better. There is no harm. One should avoid travel during 1st and 3rd trimester.
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Question: Hello i want to know about some tips to not get pregnant
Answer: Hello, To prevent an unwanted pregnancy, many women use contraceptive pills and other is Have sex between the 8 day and 20 day of your mensis period as you would most likely not be ovulating during period.
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