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Question: Hello my wife is 6 week pregnant we had removed the sonagrpghy and in report we came to know some disappointing once as report said that my wife is having twins and for one baby there was no cardiac activity and for one baby the heartbeats were 69rpm so what we should do can we get the cardiac movement to normall

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Answer: Hii dear don't stress up much as sometimes this early ultrasound is not successful. In the case of twin baby it do happens that the heartbeat comes a bit late so don't worry u should visit the doctor again after 3 weeks and then get it detected. I m sure u will get 2nd heartbeat also. Don't loose hope.
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    Laxman Telang1104 days ago

    Thankyou priyanka a lot

Answer: Our doctor said that one baby kharab ho gaya hai I didn't understand exactly what is the meaning of it ..And I want to know what doctor will do now bcz sometime it feels doctor scaring us
Answer: My baby heartbeat is 78rpm and 8 weak.. what to do to increased it to 130 rpm
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Question: Can we have sex now. My wife is in her 12th week of pregnancy. We didn't had any relationship after we came to know about the baby
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes intercourse is allowed. A baby isn't hurt when a pregnant woman and her partner intercourse. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby, and the thick mucus plug that seals the cervix helps guard against infection. Take care.
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Question: My USG and TVS showed a baby with no cardiac activity at week 13. The report says that cardiac activity of baby had stopped in week 7 itself. Now doctors have diagnosed a missed miscarriage. Will the pills work or do we need a clinical procedure . One doc advised us pills and other recommended clinical procedure. What is your opinion in this?
Answer: Hello dear you can try with pill you will have chronic bleeding with clots after that you can meet you gynacolgist and go for a scan in it doctor will check if your uterus has been cleared if yes then you don't have to go with the DNC procedure if there is any kind of clot remaining then definitely you have to go with the procedure so kindly consult another doctor and start with the pill first Take care
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Question: Hi...I'm 8 week pregnant. Yesterday i had my second scanning. It was showing two sacs with two fetals. One fetal is 8 week old with cardiac activity and other is 6 week old but no cardiac activity. Doctor said there's no hope for twins. Is it true?. Can it be positive?
Answer: Hi dear, I would suggest you to take a second opinion.you could with for another week.sometimea in Ase of twins ,such growth lags happens.so a weeks wait would clear the doubt.as the gestational age is 9 weeks,not detecting heartbeat now would make the Pregnancy non viable.but a weeks wait should do.
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