9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. My wife is having a viginal discharge which is black in colour since last Friday and then suddenly we saw some dark reddish type slimy discharge once then again a black slimy discharge is seen stuck since yesterday.. we are not able to understand what is this and are we in risk as we visited the doc last Friday oncebot was seen but doctors suggested to take complete bed rest so me and my wife are now feared to even travel to doc also to show this is this normal pls suggest what should i do in this case

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Answer: I think u should visit Doc. ...
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Question: My wife is 18 week pregnant and every now and then white discharge is happening like a drop (liquid state) is it normal? We are worried about this...
Answer: Hi ,white discharge is called leuckhoreea and it is normal and happens during pregnancy she has to only be careful that she doesn't get vaginal infection and for that she has to maintain good hygeine.
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Question: My 2 years and 3 months daughter was speaking fluently till a week ago. We are at my in laws place since last week and she has started stammering since then. I am worried because she used to speak a lot and now she is saying only those things which is required. Most of the times she whispers or speak in action. Why is this happening? We will be taking her to doc once we are back in mumbai by next week.
Answer: Dear if it has happened all of a sudden then I would say please check for all possibilities. The things you are saying that she has started stammering, whispering and speaking with actions shows that she must be scared of something of someone. Please see to it or talk to her and try to understand if something is scaring or bothering her. Is she has met someone from outside the family recently. Talk to her even the doctor would do the same and no other person can do it better than a mother. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi my wife is 2nd month pregnant and since last 2 days there is some brown discharge seen. Is it normal or to consult someone
Answer: No it is not normal and should be reported to the doctor. Usually it is old blood from the implantation time which is coming out now but this has to be confirmed by your gynae. Hope it helpsm
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