33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello my wife is 33weeks pregnant and our baby weight is 2.33 Kg in ultrasound Is it OK or overweight. Please reply

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Answer: It's bit overweight try to control food. Because child start to gain weight now onwards
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Question: My weight is decreasing. My height is 5.6 and decreased weight is 63 kg. Am i overweight so my weight is decreasing or it is ok?
Answer: Hi.. as day passes you will gain weight. Don't worry . Eat healthy food vegetables fruits dry fruits. Take your medicine in time .. Take care
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Question: My weight is 80 kg is it ok or i am overweight
Answer: The weight also depends on the height dear... Like if it was for me then definitely it would be more and considered over weight..take care
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Question: Hi , this is my 37 week and my baby weight is 3305 gms. Is it good or not. What is the weight of my baby in kg and in pounds by seeing above wght in gms. Please reply.
Answer: Baby is 3 kgs n 305 grams... Which is a good weight..
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