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Question: Hello my lMP was 25sep nd i had sex after 11oct so i want to know what is the chances of pregnancy?? My cylce length is 31days

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Question: My lmp was on sep 23rd. We had sex on 18 Oct.. the next lmp is due on sep 21. Are there any chances of pregnancy?
Answer: You had Intercourse just one week prior to expected menstuation date. Chances of pregnancy is quite less you had delayed ovulation. Hope it helps.
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Question: My Lmp was 27th feb...i checked yesterday nd result is positive..i want to know my pregnancy week
Answer: Hello! Congratulations, you are currently 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant.
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Question: My LMP was 21 sep,Nd done with HCG test on 28 Oct it was what are the chances of healthy pregnancy
Answer: It is a healthy pregnancy anything above 110 is healthy
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