27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello my tummy is very tight today nd having difficulties in sitting and walking ..m not feeling movement as well what to do till morning I ws having movements. .m worried

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Answer: It is suggested to consult doctor. Sometimes because of low amniotic fluid also baby movements will not be there. It happened with one my cousin, drink more water.
Answer: U should consult Ur doctor for the same.. at this time u should not take any risk..
Answer: Kv2 esa hota hai but jada pblm ho rhi hai to consult your doctor
Answer: If u can't feeling any movement plz see a doctor.
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    jannat944 days ago

    Now I'm having movements but little so shud I go to doc..or not

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Question: hlw...I m in 25th week....somtimes i felt shortbreath..nd puri body specially tummy area nd legs feeling heavy as well as tight.....is it norml ?
Answer: Hii it is completely normal.Your growing baby and expanding uterus push the diaphragm (the muscle that lies under the ribcage), restricting the amount of space for your lungs and making it hard for them to expand • It will, therefore, make you to breathe faster, as if you have just run a marathon. It is quite normal and completely harmless to you and your fetus. Caution: If you have breathlessness along with heart burn, racing pulse, palpitations or cold fingers and toes, it could indicate a serious complication of heart or lungs. You should immediately check with your doctor.
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Question: Hii guys ... M not feeling movement today from morning... M so worried .... Don't know what to do...
Answer: Try something sweet and a cup of tea or better coffee than lie down ant try to notice baby movement if there are still no movements visit doctor for check up. Don t wait at home for long. Visit today.
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Question: I am in my 32 week but m not feeling enough baby movements today... Whereas i feel very active movement daily... M worried what should i do
Answer: This is common. Please do what ever your doctor recommends.There is less room for them to move around so they make more deliberate movements and you may feel them less. 
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