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Question: Hello., my TSH level is <0.01 uIU/ml... What does it mean?

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Answer: Hi Dear! TSH level is too low and your pituitary gland is not producing enough of it.. Hope this helps!
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    Anita Kumari259 days ago


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Question: My TSH level is 1.48 uIU/ml it normal?
Answer: Hi dear my tsh level is more than 3 and it is more and I have put on 7 kgs in 10 days of my pregnancy first month due to this. I know I have to work hard to reduce after delivery. But don't worry consult your gyneac she would suggest you a good medicine for this. Do not take antibiotics for anything at this stage. Drink lots of water and take liquids. Our first goal at this point is our baby to be healthy. So eat healthy stay healthy whatever it is. You can take care of anything later.😄
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Question: Tsh level is 4.79 ml., What does that mean?
Answer: Hello.. Dear First trimester it should be less than 2.5 with a range of 0.1-2.5, During the second trimester 0.2-3.0 and in the Third trimester it must be 0.3-3.0.. Since it is on higher side.. Have medicine as prescribed by your gynaecologist without a miss.. Avoid having cabbage, kale and broccoli completely.. Do some breathing exercises.. Take care of these things, your baby is safe don't worry..
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Question: Hi... My tsh third generation(hs tsh) level is 3.700 uiu/ that normal?
Answer: Hello dear, during pregnancy tsh level below 3 miU/L is considered as normal so your level is pn doer line your doctor might not prescribe any medication but do get test done again after 1 month and if it is high then medicine is important..
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Question: Tsh 3.90 uIU/ml during second trimester is it normal
Answer: hi dear, no it's not normal the range should be in between .2 in your case it is higher than the normal range, so consult with your doctor immediately for proper treatment
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