37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello. .my widal test report is salmellona typi O - 1>160 salmellona typi H-.1>80 is this is normal very urgent

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Answer: plzzzz answer me
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Question: Hi. In my blood rest S. Typhoid “O" : positive upto 1:160 dilution. S. Typhi “H": positive upto 1:80 dilution. What does this mean. Of what level is it
Answer: This indicates a recent typhoid infection. Ask your doctor now to start typhoid medications. You must ask your doctor about more screening options because sometimes widal test reports need a second confirmation most importantly drink or RO water or purified water eat more of citrus and immune boosting fruits, turmeric, lemon, ginger, keep an eye on skin infections and rashes. Take proper hygiene precautions.
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Question: My bp is 160/80 my doctor suggested to use nifedipine is this safe during pregnancy.
Answer: Hi dear,Nifedipine commonly used to reduce blood pressure, can also be used to relax uterine contractions and postpone a preterm birth.and it is harmless,so u can use it during pregnancy.
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Question: Widal test report H 1:20 O 1:20 means am I having typhoid? Can I feed(breastfeeding )my baby?please give me rpli guys
Answer: Of you have typhoid you should immediately stop breastfeeding your baby... Consult your doctor asap
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