2 months old baby

Question: Hello, my son is two months old. He still doesn't react to voices.।... Sounds etc... He smiles only in reflexes. When will he react.

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Answer: Did you do the hearing test?. If it's fine nothing to worry. He will soon react.
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    Bharti Punglia Jaju33 days ago

    Yes, he can gear properly cos he reacts hearing loud noises and cries

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Question: Hi Dr, my baby is 3 n half months old. But he doesn't react on sounds. He is active, he make sounds , he flips bt he doesn't react on sounds. When my baby was just 15 days old, his ears were checked by experts called DPOAE and found that his ears do not exclude auditory nerve deafness.
Answer: Hi there so sorry about that but don't worry plz consult E.N.T experts every thing will be fine
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Question: My baby is 2 months 5 days...when she will react to sounds and turn where they come from....
Answer: Dear your baby is too sma right now. At about 4 months, babies start to look for the source of a sound, and by 6 months they try to imitate sounds. By 8 months, they babble and respond to changes in tone of voice. By your baby's first birthday, she'll probably say single words like "ma-ma" and "da-da" and respond to her own name. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 1yr8 months old.. Still he talks only two to three words.. Am worried..
Answer: Hello dear... Each baby is different, but generally boys used to speak late when compared with girls..   so don't worry dear, mostly parents with boys will face this issue,please don't compare kids with anyone Da it will hurt them mentally You start talk with your child more and more, make him involved in little discussion,make him to express his thought,it will soon make him to speak well Be patient in teaching new words,in beginning stage, their words, pronounciation will not that much good ,so don't tease them. Make a habit of story telling,daily during bed time,so that he will engaged more to listen new words Join him in any playschool or keep him mingle with kids,so that he will learn new words. If possible you can try speech therapy,trainers will help him to attain the goal.. ‌
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