11 months old baby

Question: hello. my son is 11 months old. he is refusing food for the past 20days. he is having only liquid foods. he is teething. is it because of that? 5th tooth is coming for him. feeling helpless. tried all possible ways to make him eat.

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Answer: don't worry during teeting it's normal...give him what he want...give him vegetable soup .milk .or make khichadi as liquid..don't force him to eat
Answer: bio combination 21 tablets best for teething baby give him sab khane lagega InshaAllah
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Question: Hello doctor my son is 9 month old for the past 3 months he was taking solid foods very well but all of the sudden he is completely refusing solids. Health wise he is absolutely fine and he is teething now, please give me any suggestion to make my baby have solid food.
Answer: Hi,don't worry it happens when the baby is teething.i would suggest don't force feed the child as if be .keep trying variety of foods in regular intervals but don't force feed also if the child is refusing bring have solid try and give more if juices it milkshakes. This will help to some extent and try feeding semusold blended food may be even two three spoons if the baby have it it will help him. Don't worry
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