18 months old baby

Question: Hello ...My son is 18 months old and his teeth is looks blackish ..pls suggest any home remedies for that..

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Answer: charcoal is one of the best thing for whitening teeth. you can prepare charcoal in home itself and also avilabe in market. clean the teeth with charcoal and little amount of salt.. will give you best result .
Answer: There are no home remedies for this, it is the kind of infection only you have to get this removed. Please see your doctor soon to get it treated otherwise it will spread to all the other teeth
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Question: Cud u pls suggest any home remedy for my 8 months old son for fever pls .
Answer: Hello dear. Sorry to hear that your baby is having fever. Let me give you a few remedies to keep the fever in pace. Place a cool, damp washcloth on your child's forehead while she rests. Give your child a lukewarm tub bath or a sponge bath. Remove layers of clothing. Stay indoors. If temperature reaches 101 degrees or higher contact your pediatrician immediately. Take care.
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Question: Hi my son having small lump like mimple on his head pls suggest me any home remedies for that...
Answer: Hi don't worry it will settle on its own .dont poke it else it will spread maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and feed often it will help to maintain the nourishment of skin and apply coconut oil or moisturizer which helps. Take care
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Question: My son is 2 months 23 days old his problem is indigestion plz suggest any home remedies
Answer: Hii don't worry. I can purely related the pain u must be feeling by seeing ur bundle of joy in so much pain don't worry. Follow these steps to reduce gas in baby . Burp after every feed  When infants drink milk, sometimes air gets stuck in their stomach. Hence, it is best that you always burp your baby after every feed.  Leg exercise  If the baby is feeling uncomfortable with the gas  problem, then help her in exercising by cycling legs for two minutes.  Stomach massage  A gentle massage on the stomach will help to soothe your child. You can use any baby 01']. Do tummy massage for f1ve to seven minutes.  Hing (Asafoetida)  A popular home remedy for gas issues. In a spoon of warm water add a pinch of hing. Apply it around baby’s navel in an anti-clockwise direction.  Warm Towel  Take a clean hand towel (damped in hot water). Make sure towel is not too hot. Place the towel on baby’s tummy to relieve her from gas issues. 
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