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Question: Hello my son is 5yr 3 month ka hai wo bed ko raat me gila karta hai pls suggestion

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Answer: Bed-wetting is one of the most common problems with infants and children. It’s the inability in kids to control urination during sleep. This problem arises because children have small urinary bladders and are unable to hold their urine for a very long time. Here are some remedies to cure bed-wetting. @make your child eat a cinnamon bark once daily. Alternatively, you can also add some cinnamon powder in his meals. @crush the pulp of gooseberry, and add one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric powder to it. @massage the area gently for a few minutes. If this is done daily then, you will notice positive changes in the kid soon. @cranberry juice is a wonder drug for the urinary bladder, tract and kidneys. This juice must be given to the kids. @you can make your kids eat one teaspoon of raisins and two teaspoons of walnuts before the bedtime. @give one spoon honey to your baby before go to bed. @stir in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass full of water. Make the kids drink this after every meal to cure bed-wetting. @ stir in half a teaspoon of dry mustard powder in warm milk. Make your kid drink this. @mix a small piece of jaggery in warm milk and make your child dink the concoction at bed time. This will naturally cure bed-wetting in your kid.
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Question: Hello my son is 5yr 4month uski height bahut kam hai pls suggestion and mujhe uska diet menu batana jisse uska weigt b bar sake
Answer: Height k liye aap ushko latakne ko bole Wo help krta hai, about diet so I can suggest you. Breakfast  1 c. whole grain cereal* ½ c. skim or lowfat milk ½ banana 2 oz. whole grains ½ c. dairy ½ c. fruit  Snack  1 large celery stick with 1 T. light cream cheese or almond butter and 1 T. raisins  ¼ c. vegetables ½ oz. meat/beans ¼ c. fruit  Lunch  1 c. skim milk Whole wheat pita with 1 thick slice (2 oz.) roasted chicken, ¼ avocado, 5 slices cucumber, and 1 leaf lettuce, and honey-mustard 1 medium orange  1 c. dairy 2 oz. whole grains 2 oz. roast chicken ¾ c. vegetables ¾ c. fruit Snack  ½ c. sliced apple and ½ c. cinnamon-sprinkled plain yogurt  ½ c. fruit ½ c. dairy  Dinner  ½ baked sweet potato ½ c. broccoli—raw with low fat salad dressing or steamed with 1 T. grated parmesan cheese 2 oz. herb-marinated grilled lean steak** or tempeh 1 whole wheat roll 1 c. vegetables 2 oz. meat/beans 1 oz. whole grains 
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Question: Hello my son is 5yr 4month wo raat ko bed gila krta hai.pls suggestion
Answer: Hi dear, not to worry..just keep on eye like he should have dinner early and see that he does not have lot of water before going bed...and please make pass urine before going bed.ask him to clear his bladder as few kids they just pass a little and come out...and also you try to wake him up once in two hours to pass the urine.. for a couple of months as a challenge.. I had the same problem with my son...but now he himself wakes up and shouts to me Mom I am going to washroom...you sleep well
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Question: My niece is in 7th class... wo abhi bhi raat ko bed gila krti hai....tried many remedies plz suggest what should do
Answer: Hi You should first put her habbit of doing pee before going to bed it usually works if child do pee before going to bed and try make her do pee one time in night then she probably not face thus problem. As going to doctor i will advice secondary first try these habbit this will help alot
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