2 months old baby

Question: Hello my son is 2 and half months old he is not going for potty regulary. He goes for potty after 4 or 5 days is it dangerous?

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Answer: It is normal dnt wry unless r until ur baby is healthy and active
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Question: my sun is 2 months old he is not potting for last 7 days. What should I do. He used to potty every two days.
Answer: If your baby is breastfed,then this is quite common..my doctor said breastfed babies can go without pooping for a week too..as long as the poop is soft,dnt worry..babies would also exert pressure and turn red while pooping.but if the poop is soft , not to worry.. Only for formula fed baby this could be sign of constipation.. So report to doctor if baby also has blood in poop..,
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Question: Hi all my son didn't did potty from last 3 days. He is 2 months old
Answer: Hi this is perfectly normal.infants older than 2 months often go 4 or 5 days without a dirty diaper and it does not mean they are constipated. breast feed babies can easily go2 weeks without dirty diaper.the number vary from day to day ,warm bath and gentle abdominal massgae will help your baby.not to worry.take care
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Question: Hello friends..My son is 5 months 17 days old..can I start solid now?
Answer: Hey glad that your baby going yo start solids now..keep it slow,introduce one food at a time ..I started with raagi slurry and in fruits banana and steamed mashed apple..lasted can give daal water,mashed runny khichdi,vegetable soups,porridge,rice kanji etc too..once baby gets used to eat may be later months you can introduce idly,upma too..observe if baby is unable to digest anything in particular and go ahead accordingly....
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