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Question: hello . my 13 month old son does not want to eat parantha. whenever I try to feed him, he throws out. I m worried. wl he start eating according to time. how to make him understand the chewing process. m worried. plz help. suggest me

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Answer: Meri nanad ki son 3 yrs hein. Woh abhitak kuch chew nehi karte hein. He never chewed till now. Doc. Said not to worry.
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Question: Hi my son is very aggressive and get angry and throws any thing which is in his hand and if u try and make him understand he shouts back and runs away. Plz help me out
Answer: Its quite normal and it is a phase which will pass. Try appreciating the child if they behave nicely. Give a star on their hand or something like their favourite dish if they behaved nicely. Child show awsome improvement if they are appreciated for their good behaviour. Being with a stubborn kid can get upsetting and frustrating for u as a parent but make sure do not let them see that their behavior upsets u. Try taking control of the situation with few below mentioned tips:- 1.) If the kids are given choices of there own wish it creates a win win situation they will do what u r asking them to do in return u do what they want to do. Most of the times the things that they ask for are quite small things which makes them happy. 2.) Doing things in a play way method also helps getting kids involved. They follow ur instruction easily if u ask them to do it in a play way method. Tell them to do things in a fun way. 3.) Stay very calm and patient. 4.) Appreciation does wonders so praise them if they have been good. Hope it helps.
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