7 months old baby

Question: Hello...my 6 month old baby had a fall from the bed yesterday.she did cry for some two three mins.there wasnt any bruise or bleeding and her soft spot on the head is also normal but she was very irritated.i am concered what should i do?

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Answer: Don't worry mam if they fall by themselves no problem.
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Question: My baby was having beautiful hair when she was born but slowly something happens on her head n hair fall started...what should apply on head for grow her hair again
Answer: Hi,don't worry it's a phase.you should apply cocunut oil daily to baby s hair and wash her hair thrice a week this will help.
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Question: My baby is 8 months old fall twice from the bed, recently he fall few days back on his back head but he is active although also he has cold n cough ,after a day he usually vomits while coughing ,i want to ask is it just because of cold or because he had fall from the bed , does vomit persist?
Answer: See ur ped immediately if there is vomiting or fever after fall with in 24hrs. Ask ur doc for paracetamol + ibrufane syrup. This must be given as per docs advise to prevent any damage
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Question: Hey my baby fall from bed on saturday . Now we have x ray it and she is havijg clots in her head . Her head shape is differebt how can v get it normal ..
Answer: Hie This needs medical attention Be careful and keep changing your babys head position while sleeping Baby proof your bed and other surrounding so that there is lesser chance of baby getting hurt
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