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Question: Hello my lmp is 7 June today I have done pregnancy test and there was two lines but no vomiting no nausea no other symptoms just missing my periods is it positive what should I do

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Answer: Congratulations mom it's ok not to have tgeses symptoms some get around coming weeks come don't each and every person has different symptoms... wait till you are 7 weeks than go for scanning.
Answer: For sum people the symptoms may b later nt so soon it may b positive consult a doctor so tey may tll u tak a scan wheather it positive or wat
Answer: yes it is a positive congratulations you are pregnant not all women have any pregnancy signs like nausea and vomiting it is not important
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    Noor Jannat Yasmin804 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: Hello.. my lmp was 11 Jan.. n pregnancy test is positive but I have no such symptoms like morning sickness or nausea.. is this ok..
Answer: Hello dear It is totally normal if u don't have any symptoms of pregnancy such as vomiting, morning sickness, nausea etc. There is nothing to worry as it is common to many ladies. Just enjoy ur pregnancy as u are lucky enough to not have such symptoms
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Question: My pregnancy test at home is positive two time, but no other symptoms i have seen,no vomiting, just lightly weak sometime,am i really pregnant?
Answer: It is not necesaary that every women have early preg symprtoms like nausea, vomiting etc. So if you have missed your periods, please take a lab urine test and make urself sure. Dont wait for the symptoms to come. Tc
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Question: My lmp was dec 23rd but i check today hpt ,it was two dark lines occur is it positive?
Answer: Yes dear, two dark lines means that the result is positive and you are pregnant.. so many congratulations.. and also please consult with a gynaecologist for further test and medicine...
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