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Question: last periods on may 16th..still I did not get periods..I checked whether am I pregnant.but it's negative.i checked three times.all r negative.nd I checked that thyroid test..In reports I don't have thyroid.nd I also checked my ovaries.nd they r also fine said by doctors..what should I do periods nd no pregnancy

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Answer: Hi, it must be delayed period Because of which you have not got periods. Consult your guac as she may suggest you to do some hormonal levels checked to know the exact cause. So take care
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Question: I am nageswari,i was suffering from heavy bleeding in my periods, i consulted many gynics ,they told there is no pblm,recently i was suffering with anemia,jaundice, they tested there is no pblm, they did thyroid test also, doctos said there is no pblm but heavy bleeding is in my periods is there, and my marriage is 3years complete, i did get any pregnancy, how can i follow to get pregnant, pls tell me
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this sometimes happen you can try taking kalachikai powder every morning you can take a spoon of this powder in a warm water continue this 48 days you can see good changes the it will flush out any kind of tumour inside body and reduces the bleed
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Question: My last period was completed on may 20th..nd I need to get the regular period on June 15th..but i didn't get it..I tested that am I pregnant.but it's negative.i checked twice..but i was not pregnant..then how my periods can miss
Answer: Sometimes kit la negative kudu varum ungaluku ovulation delay ah irutha apadi therium sooo plzz consult ur doctor Doctor check panni paanuga HCG level kudu pregnancy confirm pannala soo don't worry Dr neenga immediately doctor consult pandrathu good for u
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Question: Hey... My due date is late by 12 days nd still no sign of periods nd i also use pregnancy kit nd it show negative...please give advice...??
Answer: There is chance that u might be pregnant becoz even after periods late by 20days pregnancy kit showed me negative. But doctor confirmed me pregnancy. Better take rest and consult doctor soon.
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