3 years old baby

Question: hello... my kid is 2 year 5 months old.. he is often crying dnt have food and find his hand on his penis only... is it chance of itches

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Answer: Some times its due to worms the baby scratches or has itchy feeling in the genitals and don't eat food and often crying.... Plz give him deworming syrup( Albendazole syrup) 10 ml ,20 minutes before dinner.
Answer: S chances of itchy. Keep dat place oily.
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Question: My son is 1.5 year old .he used to keep his hand on his front area penis . His urine color is also very dark yellow.
Answer: don't remove his underwear keep it wear.and keep his hands clean throughly and give him drink to water drinking of proper water cleans his body infections away and give him to buttermilk juices like liquids it's very useful to changing of urine color and if any symptom seen like legs pain,stomach pain darken eyes go to consult doctor immediately
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Question: My baby is now 5 months old he started to shout for everything instead of crying . Is that normal, i feel different and difficult to find his needs.
Answer: Same my baby do only shouting loudly..she does not like be in one position want to move here and there in lap and want someone with her always to play. Baby feel alone so want company...
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Question: My kid is 1.5 years old and he is often getting angry and bangs his head on the floor in anger. Pls suggest some ways to overcome it
Answer: Hello dear! Plz consult with a good psychologist to guide you and your baby as they are experienced in this field. My cousin had this kind of behaviour and visiting psychologist to get a professional advice worked miracle.
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