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Question: Hello..My LMP is 18th jan ..My HCG was 464 on 18th feb..but it has been increased to 6883 on 20th feb (after 48 hours)..Today(21st feb) doctor seen gestational sac in TVU ... rising upto 1300 times in 48 hours can be a complication?? However it falls between the normal range for 4 weeks 4 days pregnancy..

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Answer: hi dear! so yes there is no problem as long as the hcg is rising and doubling every 48hrs there should not be a problem dear. and dont worry it does falls in the normal range dear. so relax!
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    megha mehta63 days ago

    Thanks a lot :)

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Question: Hello..My LMP is 18th Jan and my beta HCG was 467 on 20th feb and after 2 days it has been increased to 6883 ..What does it mean??
Answer: Hi dear, Beta HCG levels double in every 2-3 days.if you have tested on 20 th feb,today is 21 st Feb,how can it be 2 days? Either of the report is incorrect.although beta hcg levels of 6883 at 5 weeks is common.
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Question: hi i m 7 week pregnant i had my transvaginal ultra sound in 6w1d and it showed empty gestational sac .my hcg is rising as it was 399 on 18 dec then on 2nd jan it was 95oo and on 5 jan it was 13047 . now i have asked for ultrasound on 11 but i m really worried y is this causing
Answer: If you have a small or invisible gestational sac, it can mean a few things depending on your situation. Here are a few possible explanations: Miscalculated Dates of Last Period If your pregnancy is still in the very early stages and this is the first ultrasound, the pregnancy may be earlier than what you may have calculated by the date of your last period. It may be that you ovulated later in your cycle. Most cycles are 28 days with ovulation around day 14 of the cycle. Some women have longer cycles and ovulate later, which means the pregnancy may not be as advanced. Your doctor may choose to follow you closely over the next few weeks to see if the sac and fetus are growing as they should and then give you a new due date based on ultrasound measurements. The Pregnancy Is Not Advancing While this is rare, it may be the first sign that the pregnancy is not advancing as it should. It doesn’t always mean you are going to have a miscarriage, but the doctor will continue to monitor your ultrasounds often to see if your pregnancy will continue. There is an issue with “low progesterone levels” early in pregnancy and if the gestational sac measures small, the doctor can test for progesterone levels and treat it with replacement.
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Question: My LMP was 3rd Jan, got my upt positive on 12th Feb, as per Dr.suggested did an early preslgnancy scan today 21st Feb. Scan shows presence of gestational sac,n yolk sac..but fetal pole not seen. As per scan baby age is 5weeks. Kindly let me know what does the scan report mean actually? And what care shall I take
Answer: I think its too early to decide.. Wait for 2 more weeks.. Then u will get to know the condition
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Question: Hello doctor, my LMP IS JAN 7. 2019. but am not sure about my conception date,but am sure its around jan 18th to jan 25th. Doctor suggested me to take abdominal U/Sscan on 21st feb(6weeks 4days) but the report said only yolk sac seen but ,NO fetal pole and cardiac activity seen. So doctor did transvaginal scan on march 11th(9weeks 1day) still no cardiac activity. Again on march 18th (10weeks1day) i underwent transvaginal scan where again NO cardiac activity but foetal pole is seen this time. Doctor asked me to come on march 25th(11weeks 1day) now iam 10weeks 2days. Im a thyroid patient for 2yrs. I was taking taking 50mcg eltroxin recently but after thyroid test on 12th march doctor now suggested me to add 12.5mcg along with my current dosage. Is my baby really growing or a missed misscarriage? What to be done or i have to wait till march 25th?Please clarify on this.
Answer: Hello dear. If in the scan the growth was showing 10 weeks 2 days then that is a good sign and if the heartbeat have arrive then it means ur baby is growing. In case of no heartbeat it could have been a misscarriage. I would suggest stay positive and eat healthy. Ur gynae may keep testing ur thyroid levels to ensure it is in control. Hope it helps.
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