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Question: Hello my husband's sperm count was 7.5million then doctor gave some medicines for 3months to increase the level.but after three months its 0.5 million now.and now she suggests me ivf. What's the reason for low number ?any suggestions for natural pregnancy please help

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Answer: Ideal weight for concive ??? My height is 5.6
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Question: husband mail count is 3.6 million....and volume is also 0.5 said its very low sperm count...tell me how increase sperm count
Answer: Drum stick some doctors are is help count increased
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Question: Last three month my period due on 10 to 15 pregnancy symptoms like fatigue,breast fullness some times nausea ad leg pain ,back pain too....then get negative result after tht got cont in my life every month...wt to do? 3 years completed mrg hubby had low sperm count now t increase evn i didnt pregnant...all test result done gud...wt to do next?? Fear,worried😢
Answer:  Foods that increase sperm volume Dark chocolate. A powerful aphrodisiac, dark chocolate contains L-Arginine. ... Oysters. Zinc is an essential mineral that plays an important role in improving testosterone levels as well as sperm production. ... Eggs. ... Bananas. ... Spinach. ... Asparagus. ... Garlic. ... Carrots. Here, are 12 ways your guy can boost his fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Nix the junk food. ... Pop some pomegranate. ... Get to the gym. ... Cut down on plastic. ... Eat nuts and seeds. ... Make mushrooms. ... Take amino acids. ... Choose sunscreen wisely. Sperm cells play a vital role in pregnancy. Some men experience infertility because of a low sperm count. Different factors affect a man's sperm count, including health and lifestyle choices. ... There's a claim that drinking the lemon-lime soda Mountain Dew can kill your sperm. Hope it helps
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Question: It has been one and half year we got married and never used any sought of contraception and after a year had consulted gynic and she gave vitamin and folic acid tablets for three months after that prescribed to get an internal scan then thyroid and urine tests everything is normal other month asked my husband to have Sperm analysis and it counts 50 million then other month she advised to have follicular monitoring and gave pubergen injection it is also normal then she prescribed medication of clomifene 50mg + prednisolone 5mg+ norethisterone 5mg tablets starting from the third day from the onset of the period daily one tablet night one medicine after other for two months then the other month she advised to check follicle tube test on 7th day of period and it is normal and she gave stimulant F tablets for this month and for coming month she gave letrozole 2.5mg+ prednisolone 5mg+ norethisterone 5mg tablets please help me out I'm very much tensed as well as depressed about this is there further others tests for me or my husband or what could be the reason for delay please suggest
Answer: Hello.. What you have mentioned is regular process all will undergo if went for treatment. Check whether you are ovulating in follicular study. If not also do will give injection for ovulation. So don't worry. Everything is normal. Try for baby without taking pressure. Personally even I went through all this phase with pressure. We left treatment for 2 months and tried without any pressure and got clicked but I had miscarriage. So try without taking pressure
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