9 months old baby

Question: hello..my girl is 9 months old..want tips on teething

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Answer: Teething rings give your baby something safe to chew on. Chewing will help your baby to relieve the pain and pressure on her gums caused by the emerging tooth. You can also put some teething rings in the fridge, which will give your baby some cool, soothing relief. teething rings are not the only things your baby can chew. If she has started solids, you can try giving her cold pieces of hard carrot to gnaw on. Apple is also ideal. Make sure you stay close by while your baby chews on these foods, just in case she chokes. If your baby is older than four months, you can try rubbing some sugar-free teething gel on her sore gums. This gel will help to numb the pain. If you don't have a gel, try rubbing your baby's gum with your clean finger instead. If you have introduced your baby to solids, you could try feeding her cold foods. Plain yoghurt is a good option, as is cucumber. Refrigerated apple puree will also make a soothing snack. if the pain is more you can consult your doctor. If all else fails, a cuddle and a kiss will help to comfort your baby.
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Question: Hello ma'am... My son is 9 months old ... I want to know is paracetamol creates constipation ?
Answer: Hi dear, No paracetamol won't create any constipation.if your baby is on iron drops,then that could bring constipation.
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Question: At what age do the baby start teething. My girl is 11 months old
Answer: Hello Each child is different some walk early some talk and some teeth. The dentist say that babies teeth as late 20 to 24 months. Teething late is actually healthy as the babies are better prepared to handle the teething diareah than babies who teeth early. So do not worry it 'll all fall in place.
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Question: My baby girl is almost 8 months old, when will her teething start.
Answer: Dear some babies do take time for teething. So hopefully baby will get atleast 2 teeth till her first birthday..
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