35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello ...my doc tell me dat I have little more water level in water bag...I m 8months pregnant...is it dere any prob to baby or me due to this...wat can I do to bring water level to normal ?

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Question: Hello mam... I'm 30 weeks pregnant.. I have a heavy movements in my tummy.. Is this normal or due to less water level
Answer: Movements are normal... Dont confuse it with other things.. Ur baby is active.. Nd playing in your womb.. Dont get confused.. Enjoy ❤ it
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Question: I m 8months pregnant my HB level is 7 what to do. I m so tensed
Answer: Hello... Dear your hb level should be minimum 10,follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Intake of folate rich items like whole wheat, cereals,oats, lentils Drink two glasses of milk daily You can have ABC (apple, beetroot,carrot) juice,will increase bloods,you can see difference in a week Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet,have green leafy vegetables in any form daily Make a habit of eating dryfruits daily,start your day with having soaked dryfruits in morning,it will surely increases hemoglobin Eat two soaked figs will increase the HB level Include egg,chicken,fish weekly twice will help a lot..
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Question: Hello... I m 31 week pregnant and my doctor said baby's weight is little more..... Will there any complications in normal delivery due the more weight of the baby???pls reply i m worried 😟 due to this
Answer: Yes....but it depends how much is ur baby's weight...upto 3.5 kg baby can b born through normal delivery
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