4 months old baby

Question: Hello...my daughter is 4mnths old and after delivery i now my periods but flow is too mch...Is this normal or something serious to concern about? Plz suggest

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Answer: Normal
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Question: My daughter is now around 4 months..but i am not having periods after delivery
Answer: Yes normal. Do not worry. Only confirm me one thing if you are doing intercourse with precautions are you taking pills or you have undertaken A copper t device are you using condoms because prevention is very important although you will not get periods for 4 months that is very common but if you are breastfeeding then you might not see periods for 1 month more and then when your baby will properly start on other foods such as Dal Pani rice Pani extra then at that time you will get your first periods this also known as lactation amenorrhoea which is very commonly seen in pregnant ladies who breastfeed but be cautious and use preventive measures while doing intercourse
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Question: after delivery my periods start from next month but now the date has crossed but periods is not come so there is any problem or serious matter?
Answer: Hello dear.. when you deliver, so body takes time to get back to its natural menstural cycle.. it will atleast need 6months to get back its normal routine. But sometimes you can concieve in between too if you are not having protected sex. If you have taken test and its negative then just wait for few days for periods to come.. if u hv delivered normally or c-section, menstural cycle to return takes time. Hope it helps..
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Question: My daughter is 5 months old but does not turns still i am wired about her plz suggest me something
Answer: Hello! Every baby is different, hence don't worry some do take time. If your baby is still trying to flip then there is nothing to be worried about. She will definitely turn. Try giving her some tummy time it helps a lot. It also helps to strengthen the neck muscles too. Take care
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